Complacency kills retaurants.

The fundamentals are so important. Get them right, and the almost everything takes care of itself. Ignore them, take shortcuts, become complacent, and you will have a really hard time moving your business forward.

The fewest devices possible.

These two devices, an iPhone and an iPad Pro take the place a paper notebook, a camera, pens, a computer, extra chargers, and carrying around paper. The size and form factor make them super portable. Their power makes them super capable.

I am so grateful.

I am grateful that they didn’t let adversity get in their way, that they showed me how you can work hard, refuse to grow cynical, and finish life ahead of where you started.

How processes free leaders.

It breaks my heart when I hear about leaders who feel trapped in their businesses. I was fortunate to receive great advice early on which has helped me avoid some of this pain (not all of it).

Feeling grateful.

These are the stairs I climb to get to my favorite breakfast spot, the place where I sit down and work on turning this dream I have into a reality.

How to balance work and family.

Success in life is living out your priorities. It’s not achievement. It’s not money. It’s not status or stuff. For me it’s my wife and kids saying “He put us first. He chose us over everything else. He gave us his time. He made sure we knew we were loved.”

How much to charge.

If all of your time is spent on services and support, you aren’t running a business, you are working for one. It’s just yours instead of someone else’s.

I have been reading fewer articles online and will be for the at least the month of May as I work to get more intentional about how I spend my day. I love the time I am getting back. As a result, I want to make sure if I put something in this weekly post, it’s worth your time.