Based in Canton, GA, Scott Reyes is the CEO & Co-Founder of Envoy FM, a husband, a father of four young men, and an avid learner.

How are you going to respond?

Since I started my blog over from scratch, I am revisiting my core beliefs which I have previously written and reevaluating them to see how they fit now.

At the end of 2017, a key employee told me he was leaving our company to start a business. I did not expect him to do this whatsoever, and I was still able to handle the news with a clear mind and a relatively clear emotional state. I had already decided how I would respond to this situation.

An idea which has had a profound impact on my life, that is when I remember to put it in place, is this: decide ahead of time how you are going to respond to situations you may come across.

A response is different than a reaction because a response is premeditated while a reaction is in the moment. A response is created with a clear mind and based on logic. A reaction is created with high emotion and based on impulse. Reactions are dangerous.

The exercise looks like this. Schedule time periodically to think about circumstances which may come up in the future. These situations can be good or bad. You get fired. You get a bonus. Someone insults you. You get a compliment. You get rejected. You get a yes for the opportunity of a lifetime. You will come up with different situations each time you do this, and that is the point.

Next, with a sound mind, think about how you are going to respond. How do you want other people involved to feel? How do you want to feel? What questions will you ask? What will you say? What do you want the outcome to be, and what will you do to influence that outcome?

Build toolkit of planned responses. When the situation comes up, you will be less emotional and less overwhelmed because you have already encountered the situation and decided your response. You must now only execute.

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